Easy homemade bread rolls recipe
Soft, puffy bread rolls after baking.

Easy homemade bread rolls recipe

Have you ever baked bread rolls by yourself? There’s something extremely joyful, when the dough made by you rise, and turn into a beautiful, golden bread roll, filling your house with a smell of freshly baked bread. They taste best, when they’re still warm.

I don’t usually bake things like this. I do tray bakes, cakes, but bread and bread rolls I buy from the shop. A few days ago, in the afternoon, I was enjoying the sunshine, playing in the garden, with my children. Suddenly I realized, that I don’t have any bread rolls for them to eat for breakfast.
It was getting late, and there was no chance for me to pop out, and get some from our local shop. This is why I came up with the idea, of baking them myself.

I have to admit – my first attempt wasn’t great. I used plain flour, because it was the only one I had at home. Although the were quite nice, and looked like the rolls from the shop, they didn’t taste like them.
Yesterday while shopping for my essentials (since the lockdown, I am in the shop only once a week) I saw bread flour on the shelf, and decided to give it a go again.

The Bread rolls came out beautiful! They were puffy, golden, and spreading the amazing smell in the whole house. They tasted so good, my kids were eating them dry, without anything on, and so I had to bake some more the next day.

Now, I’d like to share this recipe with you…

Bread rolls after baking


Soft and puffy, perfect homemade bread rolls.
Course Breakfast
Servings 12 bread rolls


  • 1 ¼ cup milk
  • 7 g instant yeast
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp butter melted
  • ¾ tsp salt
  • 3¾ – 4 cups bread flour strong white

Just before baking

  • 1 tbsp melted butter to spread on the top of bread rolls


  • In a big bowl mix together flour and yeast.
  • Add sugar, egg, and salt.
  • In the pan melt 2 tbsp of butter. When all melted, take it off the hit, and pour milk into it. Add it to the rest of ingredients.
  • Knead it together, until the dough is soft and elastic. Form it into a ball. Leave it in a bowl, cover the bowl with a kitchen towel, and leave in a warm place, for 1½ hour to grow.
  • After this time, knead it again, for a short time, Form bread rolls, similar size each, and put them on a baking tray, covered with baking paper. Again cover it with kitchen towel, and leave for another 30 mins, to double their size.
  • Before baking spread melted butter on top of the bread rolls.
  • Bake in 190°C for 15 – 20 mins.
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If you’d like to have fresh, warm bread rolls for breakfast, there is a way to do it. After forming bread rolls, cover them with kitchen foil, and put in the fridge with a baking tray for the night. In the morning, take them out, leave to warm up a little bit, and bake as it says in recipe.

Would you like to try home-baked bread roll?

My family absolutely love them, and I will definitely bake them more often.

Enjoy baking, and don’t forget to let me know, how did it go!!!

Original recipe can be found here: https://www.mojewypieki.com/przepis/buleczki-sniadaniowe
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  1. Emma Harrel

    Yum I really want one of these rolls fresh from the oven with melted butter and jam!

  2. Glenda

    Baking a loaf of bread is a hit and miss for me lol, but I will try this tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll come out as beautiful as yours! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

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