My garden needs a lot of attention after winter, so we definitely will give it a go.


The world stopped. Seems unbelievable, but a tiny virus, which we cannot see with a naked eye stopped us from living our lives as we used to. Simple handshake, coffee with a friend, walk in the park, even the school run and chat with other mums is a luxury, we didn’t appreciate enough. Everyone had different plans for 2020. Now we all have to stay at home and quarantine. The question is – what can we do with all that time?

I like to organize my day, even if I don’t have any work to do. Purely because, I will stay in my pyjamas all day, doing nothing, if I don’t have a plan. So I created a list of things I can do for myself, and with kids during self-isolation. I decided to share my ideas, to help others in this uneasy time.


  • Cleaning wardrobe – one thing I seem to always push away, telling myself I’ll do it later. Why not look through your clothes and decide ‘what goes’ and ‘what stays’;

    Baking – easy cakes, cookies and cupcakes – things that can be done with children. The messier it gets, more fun they have;
  • Get creative – children love creative play: drawing, painting, decorating. Remember that load of toilet roll you stocked up, when you’ve heard about pandemic? Keep the rolls – you can use them to make decorations with your children;
  • Sign up for an online course – have you ever thought about learning new skill? Why not do it now? There’s plenty of free tutorials out there, courses and lessons. Start learning new language, take on knitting, crocheting or learn to draw. Whatever it is you never had time for – you can do it now;
  • Gardening – another messy thing that children will love. Of course, this is if you can go to your garden straight from your home. Find a little space in your garden, where kids can plant some seeds and watch them grow day by day. Tip: why not grow some vegetables, that you can enjoy later in summer?;
  • Reading – it’s a great way to spend your time. Read to your kids – it will develop their imagination, and create special bond between you. You can talk about what you just read after, or do a role play of your favorite scenes. Read to yourself – relax in a different, fictional world;
  • Exercise – get your body – beach ready. Find a fitness coach that really speaks to you, and follow his everyday routines.

There’s a lot of things you can do during quarantine. Fill your day with your ‘want to do’s’, not ‘have to do’s’, and make happy memories for you and your family.

What’s next…

This post is the first one of the series. I’d like to help you with everyday ideas for you and your kids, so I’ll show you how we spend our days in isolation. My first proposition for you is to join
It’s an online subscription service, where you can learn new skills, or master those you already know. You have a choice of many categories: baking, cake decorating, cooking, drawing, painting, photography, embroidery, woodworking, yoga, fitness, and more… And because of the situation we’re all in – now the first 2 weeks are FREE!
I decided to take on drawing – it calms me down, help to focus, and teach to be patient.

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