On the way to pursue your goals…
The way to pursue your goals is long and not easy. Here's 7 tips that will help you get there.

On the way to pursue your goals…

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So your goals are set, and you know what you want to do… but what next?
If you still don’t know what is your goal, here’s some advice how to set it – https://5starmum.me/2020/01/05/how-to-set-your-goals-in-new-year/
There’s plenty of articles telling you to focus on your goal, to think about it constantly, and attract it to yourself with the power of affirmation. Let me tell you, affirmation is great for motivation, and positive thinking, but if you want to pursue your goals, you have to work for it! And here is my advice on what to do…


Make a list of steps that you have to do. Make a diagram, put the goal on top of it, and things you have to do, to achieve it. Break each of those steps to smaller ones, until you’ll be left with the list of tasks.


Decide what’s the due date for each task. Different tasks will take less or more time. Sometimes you’ll just have to find some information online, sometimes you’ll have to learn something new, and it will take more time. If you have to do something you’ve never done before, you can find information about how long this task usually take online. But!!! Remember to add some time to the average, as it may take you longer. Due date shouldn’t be scaring and frustrating, but motivating!


Milestones are important moments, or tasks, which are bringing you closer to your goal. Achieving them will have extra meaning, and will be very motivating.


You can’t plan everything. When you start working on your goal, you may find, that there are tasks you didn’t know about before, and now, they have to be included in your schedule. Don’t panic, just make some changes. As I like to say – your plan is not written in the stone.


Don’t plan up to every minute. Especially if you are a mum. The time you set yourself for each task has to include unexpected… What if your child won’t let you sleep at night, and you’ll want to have a nap in the morning? What if you, or someone from your family get sick? Every mum knows how hard it is to do anything, when your child constantly ask for drink, food, nappy change, or give you cuddles. As much as we love getting them, kids always come for a hug when we are the busiest.
I usually plan to work for 3 – 3,5 hours in the morning. I don’t always work that, but I’d rather have more time, than not enough.


Very often when we start planning, we get very excited and forget about everything else. We schedule tasks optimistically whenever we think is best, and forget about what we were doing in this place before. Make sure that pursuing your goal won’t collide with your everyday life.
Some time ago, when I was working in Network Marketing, I planned that when my daughter goes to the nursery I’ll spend 2 hours working on building team, and looking for new customers. But I forgot that before I used that time to do daily shopping, and clean the house. I haven’t adjust my daily routines to my new goal, and in effect I was left with about 30 minutes available for work.


Sometimes women, especially mums are their own worst enemies. We are Do it yourself kind of people. But asking for help doesn’t mean you are failing. Even young children can take part in easy household chores. If anything it will do them good to help with work around the house.
I must admit I never used to ask my sons for help. Now, when I ask them to do something it’s like their whole world collapse, but they still do it. My little girl is 3 years old. She is at the stage when she wants to help, so I let her. Even though I know I would do it quicker and better, I give her cloth and let her dust. This way in future I won’t ruin her world when I ask her to help. That’s what I am hoping for anyway. So don’t worry if you’re in similar situation with your kids, they will use to it eventually.
I also ask my partner and friends to help me with my tasks, if there’s any research to do. Sometimes there are things they know better, or can do better than I do.
Remember just because it’s your plan and your goal, it doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself.

And the last thing – CHILL. It won’t always go according to plan. It’s hard especially if you’ve never done it before. It isn’t a reason to quit. Take a deep breath, adjust your plan to new situation, and go for it! One way or another, you can get there, if you don’t give up.

Good luck,
5 star mum

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    I love “be stretchy”! I live in California and we say be flexible. I like stretchy better! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. FiveStarMum

      Thank you! We also say be flexible most of the time, but recently I’ve bought for my son ‘Stretchy Man’ toy, and though- this word is just perfect. 😂

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