There is a reason why I’ve chosen this subject for today. It’s a start of new year, resolutions had been made, and you promised yourself you won’t give up before Blue Monday…
Set your goals right and you can make it work this time…

The biggest mistake

I started learning how to set my goals at the beginning of my short adventure with network marketing. If you watch webinars about this, or read books, you probably know that your goals should be ambitious. What can you think about when hear this word? It sounds like it has to be big, hard to get, and difficult…
We had this motivation exercise, maybe you’ve heard about it – Dream board. This is a board where you stick pictures of goals and dreams on, so you can see them everyday, and that keeps you motivated.

I truly think dream board can be useful for many people. For me, back then it was a total misunderstanding. There’s two main reasons for that. First, I didn’t think about my goals before. Of course I had dreams, but I wasn’t focused on them, mainly because of my everyday life. And the second reason why it didn’t work for me was the word ‘ambitious’ standing before word ‘goal’. Driven by this word I put on my dream board picture of a massive villa with outdoor swimming pool, and a luxury car – a bit odd for someone who doesn’t have driving license. And there was more weird things like this.
The result was – I hated this board, I didn’t feel that it’s mine, and it didn’t motivate me, because I wasn’t getting any closer to owning my ‘ambitious goals’.

Can we for a moment forget the word ambitious? This goal has to be yours. For one person it will be villa with outdoor swimming pool, for other – ending a year with any debt on his bills, saving money for holidays, or organizing family event. Something that you want, but you feel like it’s out of your reach.

How to set your goals right?

The way you think of your goal is very important. Most of times we aren’t specific when we decide we want to do something. Let’s take something that’s usually very popular at the beginning of the year – losing weight. If you say it this way, the next thing you’ll say is – I’ll start tomorrow… and you’ll never start.

  • be specific, say:
    I want to lose 20kg
  • set yourself a due date – when do you want to lose it by?
  • be realistic – there’s a saying “if you love, love a prince; if you steal, steal millions”, and this is how we tend to think about goals, we want it all now, or we don’t want it at all. Sorry! It doesn’t work this way! You can’t lose 20kg in a month, or if you do, it will be extremely unhealthy!

It’s time to have a closer look at those New Year’s resolutions of yours. Write them down using the three points above. Does it look better? More like, you know what you’re doing now? It’s your first step to NOT give up on them this year.

Do you want to know what to do next? Go to for tips how to make a good plan, that will help you achieve your goals.
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  1. Valentina

    This is such a helpful post.
    I think that goal setting is so important and helpful. I love setting goals for myself, whether it’s yearly, monthly or whatever. I think it really helps me stay motivated and work harder.
    hope you have a great 2020 and reach all your goals xx

  2. Megan

    Love this! It’s always helpful to have a plan for achieving goals no matter how small.

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