It was suppose to be a beautiful flat lay of my time management notes, but Eva had a different plan.


When I first heard about time management for mums, I thought – Why? I mean, time management sounds like something people do in the office, not at home, right?  Wrong! Time management is something we all do to some extend… Do you prepare school clothes at evening to have more time in the morning? Do you make a shopping list, because it’s quicker when you know what you’re looking for (and it’s a way to save money, too), what about trips, and holidays? You don’t just pack whatever, last minute and hope for the best, do you? Time management is all about organizing our family life, and every single one of us does it, without even knowing it.

So why do I want to talk about it, if we all do it anyway? Because we tend to organize everything but not time for ourselves, we think we can do every task we can think of. Social media, TV, magazines, they all say – mum, you can do more, you can be more. It’s like a new trend, that you have to do more, you have to be busy, and otherwise you are lazy. And that’s not the way it should be…

I am not a master champion of planning. I never used to plan and organize my day, apart from the little things that I mentioned before. It’s when I got involved with network marketing, I started looking into time management.  When you have three kids, and you work from home, you have to plan your day right, to get it all done. I really wanted the business work, so I took part in every available training, webinar, or course. There was more and more things to do, as well as my everyday family stuff, until eventually it all became too much.

I started reading into time management, looking for this magic method that will tell me how to organize myself fast. And again, I read books, took part in courses and webinars… I think I actually enjoyed learning about it more than doing it! Anyway, I’ve there’s a few things I’d like to share with you. Let’s start with this…


  • You don’t have to be born with it – for some reason, people think, that in life you have the skill to organize everything, or you don’t. I’m telling you now, you are very lucky if you’ve learned it all from your parents, but it’s not in your genes. If your mum was a good planner, and you’ve learned it from her, it will come to you naturally; if not – you simply have to learn it! It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
  • Being well organised doesn’t mean doing everything, and doing even more… This is a common mistake. We assume that the person who is well organised can do everything, and is constantly busy. That’s not possible in real life. Trust me, I tried it. My days were full to the brim, I’d run around like mad, to do everything that I planned. At evenings I was tired and stressed, couldn’t wait for my children to go to sleep, just because I wanted to go to bed too. We weren’t born just to be busy all the time.
  • Planning doesn’t mean that your family will turn into army. It doesn’t mean that you’ll stand with a stopwatch checking if your kids are dressing up fast enough. You don’t plan every minute of your life. It does’t work that way. Life has a funny way of messing everything up. Especially when you have kids. Planning everything to the minute will only make you frustrated, and stressed out, and the same applies to the rest of your family.
  • The myth says that well organised people can’t be spontaneous, or creative. That’s a little bit caused by the second point. If you’re busy, you don’t have time to be spontaneous. First, like I said being well organised doesn’t mean – have your day filled with tasks from early morning to late evening. Your daily tasks should include some time to relax, and remember, plans can always be changed. In fact as a mum you will have to adjust your plan quite often. Every poorly belly, sickness, or other things you can’t see coming, will affect it, so don’t think about your organizer like a stone of rules that can’t be changed.

This is what I’d like to talk to you about in 2020. Like I said I am not a time management master. I read a lot, and my absolute favorite is this blog https://www.paniswojegoczasu.pl/zostan-pania-swojego-czasu/7-mitow-zarzadzania-czasem-ktore-warto-obalic/ . Unfortunately it’s only in Polish.
For me it is very important to plan this next year well, because I have a lot of plans, opportunities and goals to achieve. I hope I can help you with yours too. Just take it easy…

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