THAT’S ENOUGH!!! – Mum is tired…

We all know this feeling, when the world is too much… When simply – Mum is tired – doesn’t help to calm your kids down.

That’s enough!!! I can’t take it any longer! – I’ve said it to myself at least three times yesterday afternoon, and then said to my kids – Mum is tired, please calm down…
Ben wasn’t in the mood, and even four dots instead of six on a rolling dice was the end of the world. Honestly, I am in big trouble in a few years when he becomes a teenager, sometimes it feels like he already is one, and he isn’t even 8 yet. Eva was “tired not tired” which means she cried over EVERYTHING, she didn’t want to eat, but she was very hungry, she didn’t want to play, but she wanted to, she didn’t but she did, and she was following me everywhere… I mean, I gave up my right to privacy in the bathroom long ago, when I became mum, but on this day it was too much.

It was just one of them days… And I am not saying this, because I want to moan. I am saying this to let you know, that it’s OK to feel like that sometimes. You can simply have enough when your kids are moaning, crying, constantly demanding. It doesn’t mean that you love them any less, or you are a bad mum.

Kids need your support and they need your help. Younger children cry, because they don’t know how to let you know what they want. And you are there for them when they need you, you kiss that poorly knee, fix the broken toy, stop their arguments, prepare food and give them whatever they ask for… But when you finally do all those things you can simply have enough.
God knows how many times I felt like I’d like to just run out the door and hide somewhere, where I can be on my own, to cry, scream, get all the negative emotions out, and rest… And then the feeling of guilt kicks in. Because I love my kids more then anything else in this world, more then my own life – I shouldn’t let myself to have those thoughts, to feel this way… π™’π™π™Šπ™‰π™‚!

Me, you, all the mums – we are aloud to feel like that, and we don’t need to feel guilty after. What you need to make sure, is that you find time to calm down, set our heads right. Don’t be embarrassed to say it loud, ask your partner, or close friend for help. Make sure you have time everyday to do something you like, 30 minutes just for you.
Next day will be better, you will still be there for your kids, loving them unconditionally, ready to help, give cuddles… be the best mum you can.

To all tired mums,
with love,
5 star mum – Kasia.

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  1. Chinenye

    I can totally relate. Even with just an 18 month old, I feel like I’m losing. I just try to breathe easy and remind myself to cherish these moments before he’s all grown up.

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