Young boy going to his first camp with Army Cadets. There's so many feeling when I look at this pic, but most of all - love.


Being a mum is a stressful business.
My oldest son is 14 years old. As most of teenagers his age, he would spend all days gaming, locked up in his room. Window closed, curtains shoot, gaming console on, YouTube on,and overwhelming smell of a teenage boy around… Do you know what I mean?

For a few years me and my hubby were thinking about something, like a little hobby, that would get him out of his room. So he tried Martial Arts. He did it for a couple of years, and then announced, that it’s not for him.
Football U14 for our local team – only for one season. Whatever he said he’d like to try, we would say YES! to, because we hoped this is going to be IT! This time something will click, and it will be his thing forever.

After trying a few things we gave up a little, and Oli started turning into a real moody teenager… Until one day, when he came back from school, and said he’d like to join Army Cadets. His friends are doing this, and they really enjoy it… but then he somehow changed his mind again…
Luckily just a fortnight later, in our town was a celebration of an Army Day. We persuade Oli to go with us to town centre to watch the parade. And we saw it – just on our way – cadets marching in age groups, one be one, to a rythm of drums, played by an Army band, marching along with them. It was an amazing view. I could see sparks in my sons eyes. And on this occasion in our town market place Army Cadets information stall was set up.
How surprised we were, when our Oli actually started asking questions – and he had a lot of them! It turned out, that there’s TA Centre just 5 minutes from our house…

Next week he went to his first meeting, and yesterday (3 months from signing) he went to his firs Army Cadets Camp…
I am so happy for him, I can’t even describe it. But seeing him in his uniform, going away, woke up a lot of other feelings too. I am very proud of him, because he is
an introvert, and doing this really gets him out of his comfort zone. I am also very excited for this adventure that he’s on, because I know he is having great time. There’s also this weird mixture of feelings like sadness, fear, and a broken heart, because I just saw it there, and then – HE IS NOT MY LITTLE BOY ANY MORE!

I sort of new it before – he is 14 years old, 180cm tall – but I still see him as 4 years old, on his first day of school, in this unknown country, with big blue scared eyes asking me in Polish – What if I won’t understand what they say?-
I guess it’s a mother’s thing – doesn’t matter how old they are,

My son leaving home to go to Army Cadets camp.
Young boy going to his first camp with Army Cadets. There’s so many feeling when I look at this pic, but most of all – love.

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  1. Mitchell

    Very touching,made my eyes to well up.Wish him to achieve his dreams and his parents to be proud of him.Good luck in his life🙏

    1. FiveStarMum

      Thank you very much 😘

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