My name is Kasia, and I am stay-at-home mum.

I called this blog 5 Star Family, because we are family of 5, nothing to do with being perfect. in fact it is not perfect at all, but who says that it has to be?

5 star family is a patchwork family. I come from Poland, and I have to boys from my previous relationship, who are also Polish, but the love of my life Paul is British, and we have a daughter Eva, who is also British.

I will be telling you a lot about our family, about our day by day life, about my feelings, and about todays world from mum point of view.

I will encourage you to create your goals and achieve them. I am not going to say – leave everything behind and go exploring the world (although if you want to it’s totally up to you) – this could be a little to much. I just want you to remember that YOU ARE VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. You have to look after yourself, your health, and state of mind as much as you look after your family.

Why is it so important for me?

  1. Recently the world constantly tell mums that they can do more. You can work from home while you cook, wash, sleep…
  2. because women very often want to do too much, not only for closest family, but for our friends, neighbours etc., simply we stretch our days and try to put additional hours to them, and then we’re tired and unhappy, we moan that we don’t have time, we do to much, but then the next day starts and we do the same thing over and over
  3. because summer holidays are just starting, and you need a good plan, and goals to follow, to stay sane.

So I’d like to encourage you to set your everyday goals, that eventually will lead you to your bigger goals. I’d like to show you how to plan and make a change my way, start from the small steps, find time for yourself, your family and friends, in this order.

If you are looking or the professional advice, than sorry – I am only a mum, who wants to share with you her way to do things.

This is me, mum of three, a women, an introvert

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